Sunday, February 17, 2008

NO. CMO/PGC/2006/521571 DATED 17-2-2008
Respected Chief Minister of Delhi,
I made a complaint about animal cruelty to the Govt. of India & they forwarded to the MCD but MCD reply is not satisfactory & they are silent about ill treatment during animal transportation - DARPG/E/2007/ 07819.Delhi is the base for animals, sheep & goats are crossing Delhi under heavy pain & sufferings towards J&K for slaughter, these animals entered Delhi from Rajasthan via Haryana in same manner, other animals buffaloes / katra & chickens are also facing ill treatment, pain, injury & death. Oxytocien injections are misused on milking animals by the dairy owners, illegal slaughter houses are going on. Mangoose hair paint brushes are easily available with the Paint & hardware shops/ Book saller's - painters are using it openly. Rare species of Birds are also openly sale out opposite Red Forte. Delhi SPCA is not functioning well - no sufficient staff & treatment & care to the animals.Cow / Oxen are crossing Delhi in Night by foot towards U.P for slaughter purpose with out any proper documents & animals are compelled to carry
more weights by the cart owners, Elephants are misused in Delhi for commercial purpose - illegal sale purchase, no food / shelter / treatment & care to them, for what purpose they are keeping scheduled - 1 animals like a dog. Dog & Monkey - stray cattle's are not properly handeled by the administration.

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